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Authentic Copies of Absence, is a series of 21 gelatin silver prints displayed in triptychs. Each trio consists of: a photograph of my grandmother from the 40s-60s; a present day re-staging of that photograph with someone close to me posing as her; and lastly a more banal image with a setting reminiscent of the original photograph, minus the human form. 
The re-stagings were not intended to be exact replicas, but rather to embody the essence of the original images, and to express the residual emptiness that remains in my grandmothers absence. The process of producing the re-enactments and the photographic prints, allowed me to step back in time and partially experience various moments from her life, that predated my existence.  In this process many questions came up about my grandmother. How was she feeling then?  What was going on her life?  Is she concerned, happy, contemplative, or day dreaming?  The aim of this project is to explore how does one connect with a past that does not belong to them.

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